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With over 120,000 moose and 90,000 caribou, Newfoundland offers big game hunters some of the highest success rates for their hunting adventure.

Newfoundland is also home to 10,000 black bears. We have some the largest black bears in North America and we have harvest bears that weigh over 600 pounds from our hunting area.

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Atlantic Salmon

Article by Hans Van Klinken

"Tuckamore is a typical Newfoundland term for the stunted balsam fir and spruce trees that grow all along the shoreline of the Great Northern Peninsula and the Labrador Straits. Even more unusual, at certain times of the year, this vegetation can produce a very nice fragrance. This odor becomes stronger especially after a little rainfall or when trees are covered with dew. On windy days, the coastal air can reach far inland and the people in Newfoundland call it the smell of Tuckamore. Personally, I describe it as the 'perfume of the wild'."

"During our very first visits to the lodge, Barb was already offering her fly fishing guests a real fishing paradise. The nearby Salmon River and Southwest River were perfectly suited for my research in identifying any connections between my fishing successes in Norway and those salmon that took the dry fly so well in Newfoundland. The travel time from the lodge to the nearby rivers is short..."

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What We Offer

Big Game

Trophy animals, an abundance of moose, caribou and black bear.

Salmon & Trout

An opportunity to fish in pristine waters for Atlantic salmon & brook trout.


Primary guide & outfitter Justin brings 20 years of experience to the hunt.

True Wilderness

Low volume of hunters per week & personalized service to all clients.

We Are

Located on the Great Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland, JB Outfitters combines experienced guides with an abundance of moose, caribou and black bear, making your Newfoundland big game hunt "The Hunting Adventure of a Lifetime".

We are located just 20 miles from the community of Main Brook, NL in a remote area of moose management zone 45. This well-managed area (free of residental pressures) offers a true wilderness experience during your Newfoundland big game hunting adventure.

JB Outfitters can be accessed by vehicle and argo, float or helicopter from the community of Main Brook, NL.

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JB Outfitters is committed to providing a fair chase hunt. We are passionate about providing the best big game hunting experience in Newfoundland with the highest opportunity for success. Our big game hunting includes fall moose hunts, fall caribou hunts and both spring and fall black bear.

Surrounded by a wide variety of terrains, bogs, lakes, tundra and boreal forest, we offer a true wilderness experience in every sense of the word. We love our country and the game it holds.

We also have boats on our lake providing access to some great trout fishing when in season.

Gray Seal Hunt
Now Available

The gray seal hunt is available exclusively by JB Outfitters for non-resident clients. This is the oldest type of hunting in North America.

The gray seal is a predator for Atlantic salmon and cod. They eat tons of cod each year. There must be a balance in nature, for mammals and man. At present time, there is an imbalance in nature.

Season: October 1st thru December 31st.


At JB Outfitters, we offer 2-6 day packages.

Package Prices include licenses, pick up & return to St. Anthony or Deer Lake Airport, Guide (1X1) or (2X1), accommodations, meals, transportation to & from hunting areas, game retrievals by Argo, preparation of game for take home, including caping, trophy preparation and meat boxing.

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Our Outfitter And Hunting Guides

Our primary guide and outfitter Justin Boyd brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to your Newfoundland big game hunting adventure. As a second-generation guide and outfitter, Justin brings over 17 years of experience to the hunt. His experience has been obtained with one of Newfoundland's premier hunting lodges, Tuckamore Lodge.

During the big game hunting season, Justin guides for fall and spring black bear, fall moose and caribou hunts. In the winter and off-season, Justin can be found operating a trail groomer and providing guided snowmobile tours.

At JB Outfitters, all of our guides are licensed.